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History / Who We Are

Van-Con, Inc. was founded on principles of safety. The school bus industry started with a conventional Vision Van. It was simple and only required seats with a center aisle, a driver operated entrance door, and rub rail on its side. Following the new specifications outlined by the New Jersey State Bureau of Pupil Transportation, there was a need for sixteen passenger school buses to meet the standards.

Paul Anderson, Sr, a citizen representative of the Safety Council, recognized this demand and founded Van-Con Inc. in 1973. He worked amongst motor vehicle dealerships, school bus drivers, and educators to ensure safety specifications were met. The first buses were sold in New Jersey and quickly expanded along with the market. Sold throughout the US, Type A Passenger School Buses by Van-Con Inc. were distinguished by their safety features.

When the Federal governments regulated standardized school buses in 1978, Van-Con, Inc. innovated manufacturing to include ambulatory equipment and accessibility features like wheelchair lifts. Both federal and state specifications were revised continually while Van-Con, Inc. exceeded these standards by improving safety and durability.

Van-Con, Inc. prides itself in being family-owned and operated, as James Anderson became President in 2005. As a family member of the business, James grew up in and around Van-Con, Inc. however officially started his career in 1981. During his time with the company, he has exercised many roles with knowledge and skills in product development, specifications, sales, and management.

Today, Van-Con, Inc. manufactures a variety of Type A and Type B School buses. Safety and durability remain priorities, as well as comfort and [versatility to meet customer specifications/customer service]. Van-Con, Inc. are members of the ESCNJ CO-OP, formerly the MRESC, and were awarded lowest bid. Van-Con, Inc. also serves contractors and dealers, striving to be price competitive.     

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Our Values


Manufacturing structurally sound buses to take care of your children while they travel. Our buses are built to be durable while providing a smooth and comfortable ride.


We take the time to speak with our customers and assert all their needs, as well as any concerns. Cutting out the middle-man by addressing your preferences directly. 


We care about our customers as much as our buses. Van-Con, Inc. treats you like family by offering economical and personal service.


Our Construction Process

  1. Chassis

    1. Strip down the chassis

    2. Add subframe on top of chassis frame

  2. Build a frame

    1. Build floor on subframe, secure to that and chassis

    2. Construct framework and reinforcements; safety features absorb impact

      1. Skirt to skirt roof bow

      2. 12 longitudinal (front to rear braces top & sides)

    3. Exterior panels

    4. Fiberglass front and rear-construction of bus is completed

  3. Electrical wiring set in place

    1. Run AC

  4. Prime & Paint

    1. Prep with chemical wash down

    2. Entire vehicle is etched with epoxy primer base

    3. Painted School Bus Yellow

  5. Interior & Exterior Design

    1. Insulate

    2. Add interior panels

    3. Plywood subfloor

    4. Transit (vinyl) flooring on plywood

  6. Finishing touches

    1. Add windows, doors, barriers, seats, driver operated door handle

    2. Exterior finishes with rub rail, warning lights, mirrors, lettering, bumpers

    3. Stop arm, crossing arm, escape hatches (not every state)

  7. Undercoating, cleaning, pre-delivery inspection

  8. Home

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