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Our Construction Process

  1. Chassis

    1. Strip down the chassis

    2. Add subframe on top of chassis frame

  2. Build a frame

    1. Build floor on subframe, secure to that and chassis

    2. Construct framework and reinforcements; safety features absorb impact

      1. Skirt to skirt roof bow

      2. 12 longitudinal (front to rear braces top & sides)

    3. Exterior panels

    4. Fiberglass front and rear-construction of bus is completed

  3. Electrical wiring set in place

    1. Run AC

  4. Prime & Paint

    1. Prep with chemical wash down

    2. Entire vehicle is etched with epoxy primer base

    3. Painted School Bus Yellow

  5. Interior & Exterior Design

    1. Insulate

    2. Add interior panels

    3. Plywood subfloor

    4. Transit (vinyl) flooring on plywood

  6. Finishing touches

    1. Add windows, doors, barriers, seats, driver operated door handle

    2. Exterior finishes with rub rail, warning lights, mirrors, lettering, bumpers

    3. Stop arm, crossing arm, escape hatches (not every state)

  7. Undercoating, cleaning, pre-delivery inspection

  8. Home

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